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Fiber optic transceivers and optical modules

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Most of the optical modules are used in the backbone network of the optical fiber network, and the optical transceiver is simply a device to extend the network cable.

What is the difference between optical modules and optical transceivers?

1. Optical modules are accessories, generally only used in switches and devices with optical module slots. The fiber optic transceiver is a device that can be used alone.

2. The optical module supports hot swap and flexible configuration. The optical fiber transceiver is a fixed specification, and it is difficult to replace and upgrade.

3. The optical module provides power through the supporting equipment, and the optical fiber transceiver can be used alone with the power supply.

How are optical modules and optical transceivers connected?

1. The speed of the optical module and the optical fiber transceiver must be the same, 100M to 100M, Giga to Giga, and 10G to 10G.

2. The wavelength must be the same. Both are 1310nm or 850nm

3. Single fiber to single fiber, dual fiber to dual fiber.

Summary: The optical fiber module is a functional module and cannot be used alone. The fiber optic transceiver is an independent functional device, and can be used alone with a power supply.

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