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Fiber Optic transceivers usually have the following basic characteristics

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1. Provides Ultra-low delay data transmission.

2. Be fully transparent about network protocols.

3. Special ASIC Chipset is used to realize data line speed forwarding. Programmable ASICS concentrate a number of functions on a chip, with simple design, high reliability, less power consumption and other advantages, can make the equipment get higher performance and lower cost.

4. Rack-type devices provides hot swap for easy maintenance and uninterrupted upgrade.

5. The network management device can provide network diagnosis, upgrade, status report, abnormal situation report and control function, and provide complete work logs and alarm logs.

6. The equipment adopts 1+1 power supply design and supports ultra-wide power supply voltage to achieve power protection and automatic switching.

7. Supports a wide operating temperature range.

8. Supports a complete transmission distance (0 to 20KM)

Fiber optic transceiver products in the continuous development and improvement, users have put forward a lot of new requirement for equipment.

First, current fiber transceiver products are not smart enough. For example, when the optical link of the fiber transceiver is broken, the electrical interface on the other end of most products remains open.

Therefore, upper-layer devices such as routers and switches continues to send packets to the electrical interface, resulting in unreachable data. 

It is hoped that the device providers can implement automatic switchover on the optical transceiver. When the optical path is down, the electrical interface automatically alarms upward and prevents the upper-layer devices from sending data to the optical transceiver. Redundant links are enabled to ensure service continuity.

Secondly, the transceiver itself should be better adapted to the actual network environment. In practical projects, optical transceivers are mostly used in corridors or outdoors, and the power supply situation is very complex, which requires the equipment of various manufacturers to best support ultra-wide power supply voltage to adapt to the unstable power supply situation. At the same time as domestic many areas appear ultra-high ultra-low temperature mild weather. Lightning, and the influence of electromagnetic interference is real, all of these outdoor equipment such as transceivers influence is very big, which requires the equipment provider in the adoption of key components, circuit board and welding as well as the structure design must be carefully strictly.

In addition, in terms of network management control, most users expect that all network devices can be remotely managed through a unified network management platform. That is, the MIB library of fiber transceiver can be imported into the entire network management information data base. Therefore. Network management information must be standardized and compatible during product development.

 Optical transceiver in the hundred meters limitations of data transmission through Ethernet cable, rely on the exchange of high-performance Chip and large capacity of the cache, the non-blocking switching performance of transmission and truly, and also provides a balanced flow conflict, isolation and detection error function, high safely and stability of data 

transmission. Therefore, fiber transceiver products will still be an indispensable part of the actual network construction for a long time. It is believed that in the future, fiber transceiver will continue to develop towards the direction on high intelligence, high stability, network management and low cost.

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