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Learn and choose the right Access Layer Switch for Enterprise

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You may have some knowledge on Access Layer Switch but, having trouble on choosing the right Access Layer Switch? We caught you. In this Article we will easy demonstrate what is Access Layer Switch and How to choose the right Access Layer Switch for the enterprise.

What is Access layer Switch?

The access layer, also known as the desktop layer, is the lowest level of the hierarchical internetworking model. Users' computers, printers, and wireless access points are all examples of devices that this component links to the network. The access layer's primary goal is to facilitate network connectivity for mobile end devices. In the meantime, the access layer needs to be planned with the upper layer connections in mind. The network's access layer is the first line of defense and must be secure.

The access layer establishes a link between the user and the application systems on the local area network. It mainly takes care of the necessity of neighboring users having access to each other, and it gives them enough bandwidth to do so. In large and medium-sized networks, the access layer should collect user data and perform some user management tasks (such as address authentication, user authentication, and billing management).

Switches in the access layer are typically inexpensive and have a high port density because enabling user connectivity is the layer's primary responsibility. In most cases, simpler and cheaper tools will do. Both managed and unmanaged switches can be used at the access layer, depending on cost and network requirements.

So, what exactly is an Access Layer Switch supposed to do?

Due to their role as the access layer's physical entity, access switches must establish connections to both the distribution layer switches and the end devices, as well as guarantee the delivery of data packets to those devices. In addition to maintaining connections between endpoints and upper distribution and core layers, an access switch must also fulfill the needs of the access layer by, for example, making network management easier, furnishing security services, and performing other tasks that are unique to each network topology.




How to choose the right Access Layer Switch for the Enterprise?

This factors must be taken into the account while choosing Access switch layers for the enterprise such as Port density, port speed, security, scalability, deployment method, management, cost. One by one, let's examine them.

Port Density of Access layer:

The term "port density" describes how many ports are present on a single switch. Because it is linked to so many users and devices, an access layer switch needs to be able to handle a huge number of ports. There should be some thought given to how many endpoints will need access to the underlying network before settling on the needed number of switch ports for that tier.

Port Speed of Access layer Switches: 

An access switch's port speed is of utmost importance to its customers. These days, 10/100/1000Mbps ports are standard on access switches. The needs of your network will determine whether Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet is more appropriate. Most small and medium-sized businesses can get by with Fast Ethernet for IP telephone and data traffic, although its performance is significantly lower than that of Gigabit switches. Also, when the required bandwidth exceeds the maximum bandwidth to distribution layer switches, it is crucial to select uplink ports with a large bandwidth in case the uplink port is oversubscribed. That's why it's important to pick access layer switches with the right number and kind of ports for your requirements.

Security of Access Layer Switches:

The access layer is a critical part of the security infrastructure since it is the last line of defense before an intruder enters the network. Your LAN's access layer switches must offer access control services like 802.1x. The use of virtual LANs for traffic segmentation is another feature that should be supported by access switches. Security against assaults requires the provision of IP source guard, DoS prevention, and other measures.

Scalability of Access Layer Switches:

It is essential to take into consideration the number of users that an enterprise network will require in the future because the number of users in an enterprise network can vary over time. The enterprise environment requirements for the next three to five years must be met by the network design. This is necessary to ensure that the access switches you choose will be able to support seamless network upgrades as more time passes. As the size of the network increases, administrators have the ability to stack additional Gigabit switches at any time in order to accommodate the growing number of connected devices.

Easy Deployment and management process of Access Layer Switches:

In a high-density access network environment, it is important to think about ways to make network deployment and management easier for many end devices. So, access switches should be easy for network administrators to set up and run. PoE is usually offered as an option to make deployment easier. It lets access layer switches power end devices like wireless access points and security cameras. This makes it easier to set up a lot of access layer devices.

Cost of Access Layer Switches:

The number of available ports is typically used to determine the price. You may expect to pay around $300 for a 20-port switch that lacks Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality. The price of Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices goes up, but it's worth it if you plan to use your switch for VoIP over the Internet. The access layer switch type is a potential additional cost consideration. Consider the price of optical modules if you're set on purchasing a network switch outfitted with fiber optic ports rather than rj45 ports.

To Sum up, access layer switches should be easy to use, trustworthy, and secure. 
Learn your business needs before purchasing a Access Layer Switch and then finding a product that fits your expectation. 

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