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What are the main advantages of a 5G Wi-Fi ONU?

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With the development of wireless technology, 5G networks has becoming more and more popular.

5G PON product is one of the 5G networks core technologies. It consists of 2 main active transmission equipments, namely OLT( Optical Line Terminal ) and ONU (Optical network unit )

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SMART PON’s XPON AC ONU STR6001XR supports Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz & 5.8Ghz Dual band Wireless signal. This high-end SMART ONU device can bring us more happy Wi-Fi experience.

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Comparing with 2.4G Wi-Fi ONU, 5G Wi-Fi ONU should be more faster. Because 2.4G Wi-Fi only provide us 3 channels signal which do not interfere with each other; while 5G Wi-Fi can provide us 22channels signals faster. In case of transmitting the same amount of data, 5G Wi-Fi will save electricity and have a much better experience.


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