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What are the main advantages of a PON internet?

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With the development of the PON technology. EPON, GPON technology is widely used in FTTH, FTTx Solutions.

EPON OLT 4PON port(SEL1484)

There are main 4 outstanding advantages of a PON internet.

1). Can help our users or ISP to save the cost.

It costs less infrastructure and material costs when compared to the costs of a dedicated fiber line for ISP business.

With its fiber-based architecture and shared bandwidth over a broader customer base. PON internet can be provided at a fraction of the cost of dedicated fiber-optic service. This brings new more opportunities for business and rural areas to have access high-speed fiber internet.

2). Can brings us more Higher Available Internet Speeds.

3). Reliable & Adaptable

The superb reliability factor of shared fiber is a significant advantage for businesses. As you know, 

One reason it’s more reliable can be found in the fiber itself.  Bandwidth is distributed to fiber internet users similar to current cable modem technology but, instead of using copper coaxial cable, data travels across fiber-optic cable, which is smaller, lighter, more flexible, and easier to route through ceilings or plenum returns. PON offers higher speed at a lower cost per megabit than copper-based services, and performs better than copper.

4)Flexibility: Potential To Grow

PON’s point to multipoint structure scales 32 times faster than the dedicated fiber-optic network. That’s especially important if you’re a growing business or already have an expansion plan that you know will change your bandwidth needs later on. 

“Shared fiber can be expanded easily, and cost effectively,” says Conrad, “to better fit with your evolving needs or a growing population.”

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