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Application of three - network fusion optical cat hotel cabling

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Application of three - network fusion optical cat hotel cabling

1. Three-network integration Optical Cat is a passive optical network client product launched by our company for broadband access market based on GPON/EPON technology. The product can meet the needs of FTTH/FTTR/FTTx fiber to home and fiber to room users, provide users with high broadband access based on GPON/EPON, and realize integrated data, video and voice services.


2. Three-network integration Optical Cat is the latest generation broadband passive optical network comprehensive access standard based on ITU-T G.984/ China Telecom CTC3.0 technology. It has many advantages, such as high bandwidth, high efficiency, large coverage, rich user interface, etc. It is the ideal technology for operators/hotels/buildings to realize broadband and comprehensive transformation of access network services.


3. The tri-network optical Cat provides one gigabit and one hundred Gigabit adaptive network ports, one voice port, one CATV interface, and 802.11b /g/n standard Wi-Fi access. The device interconnects with the GPON/EPON office-end devices (OLTs) of mainstream telecom vendors (Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome, and Alang) to form a gigabit system, meeting FTTH /FTTx access requirements of voice and data services. At the same time, its WIFI function can provide users with access requirements of different types of indoor mobile terminals through WIFI.


4, three networks integration optical cat integrated wireless function, fully in line with 802.11n /b/g wireless standard protocol, dual external high-gain omnidirectional antenna, single frequency wireless transmission rate up to 300Mbps, dual frequency wireless transmission rate up to 1200Mbps, with strong penetration, wide coverage and other characteristics, to provide users with more efficient data transmission guarantee.



Application of three - network fusion optical cat hotel cabling

Three-network integration Optical Cat unique WDM WDM three-wave technology: one optical fiber carries IP business and CATV business in a unified way, providing each room with TV business, network business, telephone business, intelligent door lock business and other link services.


1. One optical fiber carries all services, which simplifies cabling and reduces cabling costs. Data and CATV services are isolated at different wavelengths.

2. Optical Cat supports flexible GPON/EPON OLT networking, featuring high reliability, low cost, flat network structure, parallel access of all terminals, and simple network. Passive splitter, no power supply and no maintenance, not easy to be disturbed by the external environment, low failure rate.


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