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Основы технологии PON: изучите OLT, ONU, ONT и ODN

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Telecom companies worldwide take fiber to the Home (FTTH) seriously, enabling rapid technological development. Active optical networks (AON) and passive optical networks (PON) are the two central FTTH systems. Most FTTH deployments use cost-effective PON. This article introduces the basics of PON technology, including OLT, ONT, ONU, and ODN.

Basic knowledge of PON: 

A passive optical network, also known as a PON, is widely used by providers of telecommunications networks. This type of network is responsible for bringing fiber optic cabling and signals entirely or almost to the end user. A passive optical network's job is to connect subscribers to the ISP to provide broadband Internet access. Depending on where the PON terminates, the system may be referred to as fiber to the curb (FTTC), fiber to the building (FTTB), or fiber to the home (FTTH).

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What is passive optical network (PON) and How it’s work?

Basic knowledge of OLT: 

The complete form of OLT is Optical Line Terminal. In a passive optical network, the OLT acts as an endpoint hardware device. The OLT is configured with a central processor unit (CPU), a gateway router (GWR), a voice gateway (VGW), and passive optical network (PON) uplink cards. The OLT also functions as the connection point between a PON and your Internet service provider's backbone. We can say "OLT" is "ISP equipment."


Basic knowledge of ONU / ONT:

Through optical fiber, ONU converts the optical signal to electrical signals. And send it to the broadband user. Furthermore, ONU can collect, combine, and groom various consumer data and send it upstream to the OLT. Grooming is the optimizing process of a data stream to send it more efficiently. The ONUs can be linked using various technologies and cable types, such as twisted-pair copper wire, coaxial cable, optical fiber, or Wi-Fi.


An ONT can also be called an Optical Network Terminal for the End User Device.

ONU and ONT have identical concepts. There is differentiation based on terms. ONU is an IEEE term and ONT is an ITU-T term. Generally, ONT and ONU are the same things, and there is no difference. The ONT and ONU are synonymous.

Because they both represent the consumer end of an FTTH connection.

ONU and ONT refer to the end-user-side hardware in the GEPON system, and there could be a slight difference between ONT and ONU based on their location. 


Basic knowledge of the Optical Distribution Network (ODN) 

The optical distribution network is an essential part of the passive optical network. ODN works as an optical transmission medium for the ONU and OLT physical connection and provides 20km or more of reach. Fiber optic cables, fiber optic connectors, passive optical splitters, and other components work together to form an optical distribution network (ODN). The ODN is divided into five parts: the feeder fiber, the optical distribution point, the distribution fiber, the optical access point, and the drop fiber. The feeder fiber begins at the central office optical distribution frame (ODF) and finishes at the long-distance optical distribution point. From thecentraloptical distribution point to the opticaluseraccess point. The drop fiber connects the OAP to ONTs to drop fiber into user houses. ODN is critical for PON data transmission, and its quality influences performance, reliability, and scalability. 

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