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Что такое оптическая сеть?

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Что такое оптическая сеть?


Optical networking refers to a type of network infrastructure built around optical fibers. To process and transmit data, it relies mainly on optical fiber lines. Optical fibers have a glass covering surrounding a metallic core to prevent light leakage. It uses encoded signals to send data over a variety of communication networks. It plays a crucial role in making the Internet and other telecommunications networks possible.

Multiple optical-to-electronic or electronic-to-optical conversions are performed on data signals. The signals travel as light between data centers, access networks, and core networks but are transformed into electrical signals by all routers and network appliances.


Optical network operation:


Wave division multiplexing (WDM) is an innovation integral to PON functioning.

Based on the laser light's wavelength, it generally separates data streams. It's possible to send data downstream using one wavelength and send data upstream using another. These separate wavelengths can coexist on the same cable depending on the particular PON standard.

Time division multiple access(TDMA) is another technology known as burst-mode transmission. It has been used to avoid wavelength/data collisions at the PON splitters or OLT. It's because multiple ONT/ONU transmits data upstream at the same time, and time division multiple access (TDMA) is used to allocate the upstream bandwidth to each user for a specific period, which the OLT manages.

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